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How to Groom a Dog at Home?

Brown peranian wearing pink towel

Taking your dog to a groomer for a grooming session might not be a visible option and the safest option for you right now. Things have changed after 2020, and we don’t see people giving high-fives anymore. So, it’s better to become a professional dog groomer. Proper grooming sessions will make your dog look and feel best. How often you need to groom your dog depends on the breed, size, and type of coat.

Importance of Grooming Your Dog

Grooming your dog on a regular basis is crucial to ensure that they remain healthy, clean, and comfortable. Cleaning around the eyes, clipping the nails, and trimming the coats to eliminate dead hair, dirt, dandruff, and skin are of the grooming practices that one must follow.

Let’s find out some dog grooming tips that you can follow in the comfort of your home and take care of your pet properly.

Bathing at Home

It is important to have regular, not frequent baths, and it depends on the breed of the dog. Washing or bathing too frequently will eliminate natural oils and make the coat dry and harsh. You can use pet shampoo specially formulated for dogs. Using lukewarm water is also suggested to use while bathing. Once done, take a towel and rub vigorously and if needed, use a blow-drier.


Two to three brushing sessions in a week will keep your dog clean. Though daily attention is much better than humans, but having 2-3 sessions every week will also work. Make sure to brush the skin and massage gently in order to stimulate blood circulation. Doing so will also eliminate flakes and dandruff from the body.

The equipment that you need to brush depends on the dog’s coat texture and its length. While brushing, pay attention to the burrs, and other stubborn plant materials are mainly formed behind the ears and under the legs. Experts suggest that brushing also helps in minimizing shedding.

Think About the Temperament and Condition of the Do

It is important to give your pet a good workout session every morning before you start with any grooming. This is because supposing your dog is hyper and you want to shave, you will never succeed no matter how hard you try.

Make sure to take him/her for a walk and so something so that he gets tired of playing or running. Of course, you should ensure that the dog does not go out of the perimeter of the lawn area, and you can do this by installing an electric dog fence wire.

This will make him calm, and you can do your thing with ease. Experts suggest that when you are doing the actual grooming, you need to be as firm as you can be, speak with a toned-down voice and get your treats handy for the dog. All these will make the grooming session fulfilling.

Trim Certain Key Areas

If you want the life of the existing cut to be extended, or if you are not prepared for a full groom, it is best suggested to opt for dry trimming in the most necessary areas. Areas like the hygienic areas, face, ear, etc., should be maintained first. Make sure to trim the hairs in these areas in order to avoid odor and prevent infection.

The best thing is that you don’t need to have a specialised grooming kit or scissors to do this type of trim. All you need is good craft scissors and make sure that they are sharp enough to work flawlessly on the hairs.

Order a Professional Grooming Kit

In order to have a full-body dog grooming session, you need to invest in quality per clipper or a specialised grooming kit that comes with different blades. Of course, you will need some time to get accustomed to the use of this equipment, but once you are done, the grooming sessions will be actually successful, and you can see the results. But until and unless you are planning to do on a regular basis, like every week, there’s no point in investing in such expensive grooming kits.

Knowing how to groom your dog is an excellent skill to excel in it. This will help you to spend money, and you will be spending more time with your pet. On the top of it, you will be able to take care of your pet properly, the way you want. Please share your insights on the discussion, and let’s know whether you want a DIY dog grooming session or choose sessions conducted by experts below in the comment section.

Photo by Hayffield L on Unsplash.