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Drawbacks of Using Invisible Dog Fence

Small black dog in front of a wired fence

Keeping your dog within your own yard can be difficult unless you have underground dog fence surrounding your home. However, constructing the traditional fence can be expensive not to mention the maintenance cost. In this sense, it is good to consider other option like installing an invisible dog fence. Most pet owners consider the underground invisible fence collars for dogs in which the wire is buried beneath the ground around the perimeter. In using this dog fence, it comes with a receiver built in the dog’s collar.

Despite of the benefits that invisible dog fence has to offer, there are also some drawbacks. Although it keeps your own dog within your yard, it does not guarantee keeping away intruders. This means that wild animals and strangers can wander in your lawn. Thus, it cannot prevent other dogs to attack your pet as well as children in the neighborhood from teasing your pet.

Another drawback of using invisible dog fence is that the dog collar batteries need replacement every three months. In this sense, pet owners should put a reminder in their calendar so that they will not forget when to replace the battery. Keep in mind that it is important to ensure that the battery works so that the receiver will also work.

Additionally, since the dog fence comes with dog shock collar, it is necessary to ensure that the shock will not cause anxiety and fear to your pet. Otherwise, if your dog develops fear, it may lead to undesirable behavior. In this sense, it is good to first train your dog before deciding to install this pet fence. According to manufacturers, pet containment fence may works with some dogs but not all. That is why before considering this option; you should seek first advice from professionals.

Indeed, ensuring the safety of your pet is not an exemption in the advancement of technology. In fact, you can also find Wi-Fi wireless invisible fence for dogs that is the latest innovation in technology. This option allows containing your feet within 2.5 acres. That is why you can allow your dog to roam around within this perimeter and the device would give warning sound once your pet reaches the maximum distance. You can find these inhumane invisible punishment devices in various places on the internet

Just like giving care to human beings, it is also the responsibility of every pet owner to ensure the safety of their pets. Although the electric dog fence will cost a big amount of money, but the benefits are worth enough to value the money spent in installing the fence.